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Weber Frankiw Surveyors are a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable surveying firm that will advise you on the best possible outcome for your project. Whether dividing your block, putting up a fence or building extensions to your house, Weber Frankiw will explain your options and provide you with the best possible solution. 

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Theodolite surveying tools used by Weber Frankiw Surveyors

Land Division

Torrens title and community division. Metro, regional and rural divisions and realignments. 

Boundary Identification

Identify boundaries for buildings, fence construction and legal requirements.

Detail and Contour, Infrastructure and Construction Surveys

Building, infrastructure and road set outs, contour surveys, detail and feature surveys.

3D Scanning

Heritage sites, plant and processing sites, internal and external building sites, 3D point cloud modelling.

UAV/Drone Surveys and Aerial Mapping

Weber Frankiw Surveyors can create high-resolution geo-referenced aerial images of your work site, big or small, with our multi-rotor Smartnet Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV).

Road Opening and Closing

Experts in all procedures related to opening and closing public roads.

Planning Advice

Consultation with clients and councils with respect to land division planning issues.

Primary Industries

Vineyard and other agricultural setouts, precise area and volume surveys.

Easement Plans

Access rights, infrastructure and other easement requirements.

Lease Plans

Business and rural lease plans.

Kangaroo Island

Weber Frankiw can offer our entire suite of services on Kangaroo Island.

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