Our experienced licensed surveyors will help you locate and mark your legal boundaries.

If you plan to build a structure on or near a boundary, we recommend a survey undertaken by a licensed surveyor to guarantee the correct position.

Whether it’s your house, a shed, or even a fence, we will give you peace of mind with whatever project or structure you are building on your property and avoid costly mistakes.

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What we do:

Search at the Land Titles Office for relevant plans that help define the boundaries in your area.

Piece together these plans in a surveying computations package. 

Visit the site to find survey marks in the surrounding streets that will link the LTO plans to the boundaries on site. 

Mark the relevant boundaries with either pegs on the corners or offset pins. 

Draft a plan that shows the marks placed on site and any occupation on or near the boundary. This will be signed by a licensed surveyor, which can then be handed to your builder or fencing contractor to reference the marks placed. 

Avoid costly mistakes by contacting our skilled surveyors to locate your property boundaries accurately.